Fire Pit Snack (Grades K-2)

In this no-cooking-required activity, campers make a fun and nutritious snack.

A plate of grapes arranged in a circle. In the center pretzel sticks are pretend logs and american cheese is arranged to look like flames.

You won’t have to gather tinder for this fun and tasty campfire-inspired snack made of pretzel logs, grape rocks, and flames of American cheese. Young campers will enjoy building their campfire almost as much as they’ll enjoy eating this sweet-and-salty treat.

What You Need

  • Yellow American cheese
  • Mini pretzel sticks
  • About six grapes, cut in half

What To Do

  1. On a small plate or in a bowl, arrange the grapes in a circle so they look like rocks around a fire pit.
  2. Place the pretzel sticks like firewood inside the ring of grapes.
  3. Tear the cheese into pieces that look like flames, and stand them up in the pile of pretzels.
  4. Enjoy!