Fitness Fun Bug Hunt (Grades K-5)

Make family fitness fun with a simple bug-themed scavenger hunt. 

Images of bugs and corresponding exercises

This no-equipment, no-prep scavenger hunt makes a perfect impromptu activity and requires no extra work on your end. Just save the list and head outdoors!

What To Do

Go for a walk in your neighborhood, on a local trail or in your own backyard and search for the insects on the list below. Every time you find one of the insects listed, complete the corresponding exercise.

  • When you see an ant, do 10 jumping jacks.
  • When you see a butterfly, do 10 sit ups.
  • When you see a grasshopper, do 10 jump squats.
  • When you see a bumblebee, flap your arms and run for 10 seconds
  • When you see a ladybug, hop on one foot for 10 seconds; switch sides and repeat.