Found Mythical Creatures (Grades 3-5)

Create a Kraken, build a basilisk or develop a dragon, using objects found around the home.

Mythical creatures are found in stories from all over the world. But did you ever try to create your own? In this challenge, you’ll gather up materials from around the house to depict or build a mythical creature of your very own. You can model your creation on an existing animal, or invent your own mythical beast. Watch the mythical beasts video to get some more ideas, and then get crafting.

What To Do

  1. Make up and draw a mythical creature. Be sure to give it a name.
  2. Find household objects like cardboard, recycled items, sticks, leaves or rocks) and create your creature.
  3. Tell your creature’s story. How did it come to be? Where does it live? What characteristics or powers does it have?

Go to to submit your creations via Flipgrid, or share your mythical creatures by tagging #CapRegSummer on social media or emailing