Go Invisible! (Grades K-5)

Have you ever wished you could become invisible? Find out how with this fun experiment.

What would it really be like to be invisible? Watch the video, and see how you can make something invisible right in your own kitchen!

What You Need

  • Vegetable oil (not “lite”)
  • Large Pyrex glass, beaker or measuring cup (Pyrex is best)
  • Small glass container, such as a beaker, test tube or a narrow glass vase

What To Do

  1. Fill the large container with vegetable oil
  2. Place the small container inside the larger one
  3. Fill the smaller container with vegetable oil and watch it “disappear” 

Would you would want the power of invisibility. Why or why not? Share your answer by tagging #CapRegSummer or emailing summeradventure@neric.org