Imagine Yourself (Grades K-2)

Anything is possible when we use our imagination!

Girl stands in tree pose with graphics of trees next to her

In tree pose, you are a bendy willow, stretching high into the sky.

Girl in Star Pose with star graphics around her

You are sparkly, shiny, great in star pose.

Girl in bird pose with bird graphics and clouds in the background

Reach your arms wide and become a bird soaring high above the clouds.

Girl in boat pose with graphics of waves, wind, cloud and boat

In boat, you can sail around the world and explore all the places you can dream

Give one or all of these poses a try and see where your imagination takes you!

Got a pose that makes you feel great and sends your imagination soaring? We’d love to have you share! Tag us in a photo or two of you (using the hashtag #CapRegSummer) in your most imaginative poses and let us know how you would finish this photo caption: “I am a ______, I can ______!”)