Looking for Ladybugs (Grades K-2)

Ladybugs are all around us in the summer time. Let’s look for some!

A lady bug on the petal of a white daisy, surround by several other daisies

What You Need

Look for a jar or plastic container in your recyclables.  Make sure it has a lid. This container is where the ladybugs you find will stay while you observe them.

What To Do

Where to find them

You might find ladybugs:

  • Under leaves of trees, bushes and plants
  • On flowers
  • Flying by with their hard upper wings raised and their second set of papery wings buzzing!

Once you find a ladybug …

  • Can you count two antennae on the ladybug’s head?
  • Can you count six legs?
  • How many spots does your ladybug beetle have? Ladybugs might have no spots or as many as 24. Different kinds of ladybugs have different numbers of spots.
  • When you are done observing the ladybug, gently set it free again.