Mindful Munchies (Grades K-5)

Relax around the ‘campfire’ as you practice mindful eating.

Black girl eating an apple outside

Most everyone would agree that snacks eaten outdoors or around the campfire always taste better.  We all tend to be more relaxed when we’re outside of on vacation. 

Even if we can’t get out to the great outdoors, we can get that relaxed feeling by using our imaginations. In this activity, we’re going to eat in slooooow motion. This is a way to make every bite of whatever you’re munching on taste a little more tasty—whether you’re in the great outdoors or just grabbing a bite to eat on the way to soccer practice.

Get Ready

Find a comfortable place to sit (yes, sit! We are going to give this activity our full attention, which is hard to do when we are dashing around.)

Choose a simple food that can be eaten one bite or piece at a time (grapes, blueberries, even goldfish crackers work for this.)

Use Your Senses

Pick up one piece of your snack and take some time to notice how it looks. What color(s) is it, how does it feel (smooth, bumpy, fish-y?!) 

Does it have a smell? Bring it close to your nose and take a whiff—what do you notice?

Next, put the piece of food into your mouth … but don’t chew yet! Use your tongue to figure out how this food feels.What are you feeling as you hold the food in your mouth. Are you excited to take a bite?

Take It Slow

Now start to slowly chew your bite of food, Notice the flavors in your mouth. Give this careful attention and then swallow. 

What feelings did you have as you slowly explored your snack this way? Did this bite of food taste different than when you had eaten the same snack before? 

For a real camper’s challenge, check out the Kitchen Corner and make one of the s’more snack recipes. Once it’s ready, use your new mindful munching skills to take your time to explore and enjoy each bite!