Motion in the Ocean (Grades K-5)

Take a relaxing beach break with these soothing yoga poses.

Mom and little daughter doing yoga on the paddle board at sea

Sometimes we need to move our bodies a bit before we can settle down and focus on an activity that needs all of our attention. These first few poses will help us shake off any extra energy we might have so we can take a little relaxing break at the “beach.”

Jellyfish (Shake It Off)

Stand with your feet a little wider than you normally would, but so that you feel connected to the ground beneath you. Take a couple of breaths in and out and, as you do, raise your arms overhead and back down along your body. Imagine your arms are jellyfish tentacles floating up and down on the ocean waves.

The next time you raise and lower your arms, start to shimmy and shake a bit, like your body is made of the same squishy stuff as a jellyfish. Your head can get in the action too, gently bobbling from side to side and up and down.

Make this fun (and funny, if you’d like — laughing is a great way to take great big breaths!) Slowly slow your jellyfish roll and come back to a quiet standing position. Notice how you feel — like you just took a good swim in the ocean?!

Lemon(ade) Toes

Inspired by YogaKids® founder Marsha Wenig

Take a seat or find a cozy spot to lay down. Imagine your body is a long straw and you are sipping some tart lemonade up your legs, up your torso (that’s the length of your upper body from your seat to your neck) on into your face.

As you do, curl and scrunch your toes, your arms, your hands and fingers, your eyes, cheeks and your mouth (like you would if you just had something really sour to drink or eat.)

Take a breath in, then open your mouth and breathe out with a “haaaa!”, letting all the tight parts of your body get loose. Do this a couple of times.

Starfish Pose

In your seat or laying on your back, let your legs and arms relax open a bit to each side. Take a nice deep breath and feel yourself relax into your seat or the floor as you let that breath go.

Ocean Breathing

To get the hang of this special way of breathing, place a hand in front of your mouth, palm facing toward you. Breathe in then open your mouth and breathe out onto your hand, as if it’s a mirror or window you are fogging up.

You’ll notice you make a bit of sound like a low growl or hum. This is going to become the sound of your very own ocean waves.

Relax in your seat or as you lay down, close your mouth and start to breathe in and out through your nose. Make the same gentle ocean wave sound as you breathe out. Relax this way for as long as it feels good.