Mystery Box (Grades K-2)

Get in touch with all of your senses in this mystery activity!

Mystery Box

In this activity, we won’t be able to use our eyes to see and will have to rely on our other senses. This game helps kids notice with all of their senses and learn to take the time to get the answer to a “problem.”

It also helps them notice the feelings that come up when there’s an “unknown” — particularly frustration, anxiety and even fear, which we can use our breathing to help calm.

How to Lead Children Through This Activity:

Have an adult or an older sibling fill a box with small items out of sight of the child. Empty cereal, tissue or shoe boxes work well as a container. Choose objects of different textures, shapes and sizes (nothing sharp, sticky or alive!).

Cardboard Mystery Box

Then have the child guess what’s in the mystery box. They can hold the box, shake it, reach inside, just no peeking!  

Some Questions to Ask About This Mysterious Object:

  • How does it feel (round? smooth? cold? heavy or light? small or fist-sized?)
  • How do you feel not knowing what this is? 
  • What can you do to “keep at it/not give up?” (take a breath or two, choose another object to explore and come back to the original one later on, take a break and start the game again if it gets to be “too much”?) 

After a bit of “exploring,” ask your child what they think the object is. “Let’s take it out and see.” Whether or not the guess was correct, the player gets “high fives” for taking the time to explore and not give up. Go again if there are more objects, or let the next person take a turn if playing with more that one child.