Pasta Ants (Grades K-2)

So long, macaroni necklaces! This craft puts a spin on traditional macaroni art and creates a great opportunity to teach your child about the different parts of an ant.

Two ants made of uncooked pasta shells and painted black sit on top of grass

What you need

  • Six elbow macaroni
  • Three pasta shells
  • Two googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Black paint 
  • Paintbrushes

What To Do

  1. Glue three pasta shells together side by side to make the head, thorax and abdomen of the ant. Let dry.
  2. Glue three pasta elbows on each side of the ant form six legs total. Let dry. 
  3. Paint the pasta ant using black paint. Let dry.
  4. Glue googly eyes to the head to finish off your ant.