Photography Hunt (Grades K-5)

Go on a photography adventure searching for hidden letters around your home! Can you find the letters for F-U-N?!

Child taking a picture of a hose shaped like the letter "O" with a smart phone

There are shapes all around us—and, sometimes those shapes can look like letters of the alphabet! In this activity, you can look outside for letters on a beautiful day, or stay inside to search for letters around your house when the weather isn’t as nice. Once you start looking, you won’t be able to stop!

What letters do you see below?

Side of shelf that looks like the letter "A" Crack in the road that looks like the letter "B" Large rocks on grass in the shape of the letter "C"

What You Need

    • A phone, camera or iPad
    • A keen eye for finding letters!

What To Do

  1. Using a phone, camera, or iPad, go on a photography hunt to spell your first name with the objects that you see.
  2. Make sure to look up! Do the clouds in the sky or branches in a tree look like a letter in your first name? Search for uppercase or lowercase letters.
  3. Remember to look down! Can you find a crack in the sidewalk or a shadow on the ground that looks like a letter? When you take a picture, try to get as close to the object as possible or zoom in. The letter can be just a small part of the object that you see.