Play It Forward (Grades K-5)

The whole family can join in this yoga game — or play with friends over video chat!

4 yoga poses

In this activity, what comes next is a mystery! It’s an active way to build connections and play with others who may be close by or at a safe distance. Learn to “wait for it,”  get silly, creative and laugh a little.

There aren’t any “right” moves (don’t overthink it!) — just do what feels right for you, and be sure it is something safe to do with your body. Pass the pose from person to person and see how many yoga moves you can put in a series. 

How It Works

Three Yoga poses to try

Someone starts with a pose or gesture. It can be a yoga pose you know (check our other Mindful Moment activities for some inspiration!), a stretch or a way to move that feels good. The next person thinks about what they can do that would follow that move (for example: If the first person starts in mountain pose, and stretches to the side into crescent moon stretch, the next person might stretch toward player one in a crescent moon stretch to their left (catching the pose) and open up into 5-pointed star.)

This can go on as long as it feels good to “play it forward.”