Sea Composition (Grades 3-5)

Compose your own sea song starring snails, sharks and seahorses. 

Cut out pictures of eight different sea creatures, such as snails, sharks, goldfish, octopus, seashells, jellyfish, seahorses or fish. You can use this worksheet, or draw your own: Sea Composition Worksheet

Say and clap the rhythm of the name of each sea creature. Be sure to keep a steady beat. 

Arrange your sea creatures on a piece of paper. Write the rhythm of each word next to the sea creature using musical notes. 

  • 1 syllable: Quarter note
  • 2 syllables: Two eighth notes
  • 3 syllables: One eighth and two sixteenth notes
  • 4 syllables: Four sixteenth notes

Find home instruments such as wooden spoons or shakers, and play the rhythm you created.

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