Sidewalk Chalk Creations (Grades K-2)

Show off your artistic side with these sidewalk chalk projects!

What You Need

  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Paper or the sidewalk


Chalk Dragon

  1. Start by drawing a large ‘S’ across your whole space
  2. Draw a large triangle with the flat side centered at one end of the ‘S’ and a smaller triangle with the flat side centered at the other end of the ‘s’— this is the tail
  3. Then draw lots of colorful skinny triangles all along both sides of the ‘S’— these are the scales
  4. Draw a zig-zaggy outline outside of the skinny triangles, connecting the triangles at the ends of the ‘S’— this is the body
  5. Draw two circles at the end of the head — these are the nostrils — add some fire from the nostrils
  6. Add some wings, eyes, and more color and detail


Chalk Mermaid

  1. Draw an oval toward the top of your space — this is the head
  2. Leave a little space and draw a triangle right below the oval, with the point facing down — this is the body
  3. Draw another triangle that is a little bigger below the one you just drew, point down again — this is the tail
  4. Draw another triangle, about the same size as the first, at the bottom of the big triangle, but this time with the point facing up — this is the tail fins
  5. Connect the head to the body with two neck lines
  6. Decorate your mermaid with fins and a bathing suit and maybe even some fishy friends