Sink or Float (Grades K-2)

Will it sink or float? Take a guess before you drop it in the water!

In this video, you can guess which of our items will sink or float before we let them go. We chose a rubber duck, a metal toy car, a straw, a toy boat, a penny and a bouncy ball.

What You Need

      • A bucket or sink filled with water
    • Some small water-friendly items from around your home
    • A piece of paper and pencil
household items
Examples of household items to test.

What To Do

  1. Fill a bucket or the sink with water. 
  2. Line up your water-friendly items.
  3. Write down on a piece of paper if you think they will sink or float.
  4. Drop each item.
  5. Check the results against your original guess.

Think about why some things sink and other things float!