Stand in Your Power (Grades K-5)

You are strong and ready to take on the world with this yoga activity!

Power Pose

By standing (or sitting) tall and proud, we can make ourselves feel a bit more powerful and ready for action. This is a good one for kids (or any of us!) to try when they need a boost in confidence.

Female student in yoga pose

Standing Pose

Place your hands on your hips, elbows out to each side and your feet hip-width apart. Take a deep breath, lift your chest up and out (like you’re showing off the superhero icon on the front of your shirt!) Stand this way for a breath or two, imagining yourself strong and ready for action. Go get ’em!

You can also power pose in your chair — Sit up straight in a sturdy chair (one that doesn’t roll/has wheels that can lock and doesn’t have armrests/has its armrests set at a low level is best.) Place your feet on the ground if they reach or place a book or two under each foot so they have a place to rest. Lift your chest up and out. Look forward and take a few breaths in and out.

V-for Victorious

From your power pose, lift your arms overhead, arms and hands reaching high, in the shape of the letter “V.”  Take a few breaths in and out as you stand this way, imagining you’ve just scored a winning goal or nailed that math test.

Warrior I

Right leg back and long, left leg forward with knee bent. Lift your arms overhead, puff your chest out a bit and look forward. Think of the word “brave” as you stand in this pose and breathe.

Female student in warrior pose

Warrior II

Bring your left arm down to shoulder height and reach it forward. Let your right arm reach back at shoulder height. Turn your upper body to face forward.
You are now in Warrior II. As you stand here, think of the word “bold” (courageous and daring) — this is what you are! 

female student in warrior two pose

Peaceful Warrior

One of a hero’s most “super” powers is the ability to be peaceful–even at times when things don’t feel very calm or in control. From Warrior II, lift your front arm up and overhead. Keep your front knee bent. Your back arm will hang down reaching down along your back leg. As you breathe in, think of the word “peaceful” and as you breathe out, imagine yourself becoming more and more calm. 

female student in peaceful warrior pose

For a complete workout, do all three Warriors on both sides (right leg forward, then with left leg forward for all.)

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