Stories in the Stars (Grades 3-5) 

The stars are full of stories. In this activity, young astronomers will write their own tale in the night sky.

An adult speaks. Over his shoulder is an images of a night sky and the constellation of a big bear
Every constellation is a story in the stars.

In this video, Steve from the NY STEAM Bus tells us all about constellations and has a challenge: Create your own constellation and a story to go with it.

What You Need

  • Something to use as stars, such as coins, marshmallows, or M&M candies
  • Something to use as connectors, such as toothpicks or drinking straws
  • A large piece of paper

What To Do

  1. Create your very own constellation using your “stars” and connectors. Maybe it’s your favorite animal or a character you’ve made up.
  2. Write a story to go with your constellation.
  3. Hang your constellation in your room so you can sleep under the stars!