Superhero Scavenger Hunt (Grades K-2)

In this activity, children will explore their surroundings and race the clock in search of items inspired by their favorite superheroes.

An illustration of a kid superhero with a green mask and blue cape, flying
You’re the superhero of this high speed scavenger hunt!

You have just one minute to find an object that begins with the same letter as each superhero’s name on your list. Score one point for each object and a bonus point if you find all 10, for a maximum score of 11 possible points.

Hurry, the fate of the world depends on you!

What You Need

  • A timer (kitchen timer, smartphone with timer function, or clock with a second hand).
  • This list of superheroes:
    • Ant-Man
    • Batman
    • Captain America
    • Green Lantern
    • Incredible Hulk
    • Robin
    • Supergirl
    • Thor
    • Wonder Woman
    • Zatara

What To Do

  1. Designate a place as Home Base.
  2. Set the timer for one minute, or watch for the second hand on a clock to reach the “12.”
  3. On the start signal, leave Home Base and search for something that starts with the letter “A” for Ant-Man.
  4. When you find something (Maybe an apple? An apron? Your abuela? You get the idea), return the object to Home Base.
  5. Next, look for something that begins with the letter “B” for Batman, and so on.
  6. Work your way down the list until you run out of time.
  7. Now count your items. How many did you find? If you found all 10, congratulations! Give yourself a bonus point! You are a super smart, super speedy superhero!