Superhero Swap (Grades 3-5)

In this activity, young artists will create their own superhero by combining elements of several famous superheros.

A black and white sketch of superhero made of elements of different superheros, including Batman's head, Spiderman'storso, Superman's cape, and Aquaman's legs.
This superhero is made up of elements from at least five different superheroes. Can you find them all?

What if you could create a superhero that could fly like Supergirl, had the endurance and strength of Black Panther, could change the weather like Storm, and maybe even had the wolf-like senses of Wolverine?

Well, that would sure be one exceedingly super superhero. What superhero would you invent?

What You Need

  • Art supplies to draw some of your favorite superheroes, or
  • A computer and printer to print images of your favorite superheroes
  • A pair of scissors
  • A glue stick
  • A blank piece of paper

What To Do

  1. When you have pictures of at least three or four superheroes, cut them up into different parts.
  2. Using your glue stick, create a whole new superhero using the different parts and pasting them to the blank piece of paper.
  3. Give your new superhero a name
  4. Put your new superhero in an action scene and write a short story to go with it.