Superhero Theme Song (Grades K-5)

Music helps us identify superheroes and how we feel about them! What do superhero theme songs make you feel?

Superman is one of the most famous superheroes of all time! Listen to his theme song.

Some Things to Think About

  • While you are listening, what do you hear? Is the music fast or slow? Is it soft or loud, or does it change?
  • Did you notice that when Superman is flying, the music sounds one way, and when he is on the ground, it sounds different?
  • What do you hear when Superman is fighting for justice?
  • Do you think this theme song sounds like it belongs to Superman?

Continuing Activities

Now, click on these video links to listen to some famous pieces of music:

Pick the one you like the best and see if you can make your own superhero to go along with the music.

  • What is your superhero’s name?
  • What are their superpowers?
  • Do they have a weakness?
  • Is your superhero even a person? Maybe your superhero is an animal or an alien!
  • Does your superhero have a costume?
  • What does the costume look like?
  • Does your superhero fly?