Ten-Minute Bug Break (Grades K-2)

This fun, engaging bug-themed circuit activity will get kids’ hearts pumping!

This great indoor or outdoor movement activity requires no equipment and is a wonderful way to work out the wiggles and extra energy that can get bottled up after sitting still for too long.

What To Do

Find a clear space with room to move and do each of the following five exercises for 30-60 seconds each. Allow for a 15-30 second rest period in between each exercise. Repeat the circuit of exercises two to four times, depending on your child’s interest and activity level.

March like an ant.

Stand tall and stomp your feet in place.

Crawl like a spider.

Get on your hands and knees and use your opposite arm and leg at the same time (ex: right arm, left leg), to take a step forward.

Jump like a grasshopper.

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, squat down and jump up.

Flap like a butterfly.

Run in place while lifting your arms out to the side.

Inch like a worm.  

Bend forward, touch the ground, and walk your hands forward, Then, walk your feet in to meet your hands.