The Gentle Dragon (Grades K-2)

Lynnie and the Gentle Dragon is a magical tale of adventure and everlasting friendship.

screenshot of a book

Read aloud: Lynnie and the Gentle Dragon

After listening to the first part of “Lynnie and the Gentle Dragon,” use your imagination to finish the story! How do you think it ends? 

What You Need

  • A notebook or a journal
  • Pen or a pencil

What To Do

  1. Write the ending of the story down as part of a journal you can start for your own stories.
  2. Draw a picture showing what the ending of the story looks like.
  3. Tell/share the end of your story to an adult!

Bonus Activity

In the story, Lynnie and the Gentle Dragon, Lynnie meets a lovely dragon named Geldimere. He tells her all about the other dragons that live with him and how nice they are.

Use your imagination to draw a picture of a dragon you would want to meet and then share with an adult what this dragon would be like.


  • Is this dragon nice?
  • Is this dragon funny?
  • Is this dragon silly?
  • Is this dragon naughty?
  • Is this dragon helpful?