Virtual Field Trip: Take a Tour of the Space Center (Grades 3-5)

Go behind the scenes at the Space Center to see what’s next in space exploration!

Boeing’s Flight Control Team participated in a rehearsal of prelaunch procedures for the company’s upcoming Orbital Flight Test in the White Flight Control Room in the Mission Control Center at Johnson Space Center in Houston.
Credit: NASA/Robert Markowitz

This virtual tour will introduce kids to just a few of the amazing Boeing employees who are preparing to write the next chapter of space history with the launch of the Starliner/CST-100 spacecraft and the deployment of the Space Launch System (SLS). “Virtual” visitors can explore a variety of unexpected roles and functions that lend to the development of complex projects, like the Starliner/CST-100 and the SLS. Along the way, students will be exposed to the unusual paths that have led to these unique careers.