Water Balloon Toss (Grades 3-5)

It’s always good to have a game that can keep you cool when the weather is hot!

child's hands holding water balloons

This water balloon toss game is perfect to play with friends and family. Are you ready to have a great time and get wet? Click this link for the rules and how to play this water balloon toss!

What You Need

  • Water balloons (enough for each team)
  • Water
  • Buckets to hold the water balloons
  • At least 4 people

What To Do

  1. Divide into two teams. Give each person a water balloon.
  2. Have each team stand in a line, facing each other, about 3 feet apart. The person facing you is your partner.
  3. When you say “go,” each person must throw their water balloon to their partner. 
  4. If a water balloon breaks, that team is out until the next round. If a team’s balloons are intact, that team is still in the game.
  5. For the next round, players have to each take one step backward before their next throw.
  6. The game continues until all players are “out.”