Water Bucket Race (Grades K-2)

On your mark, get set, DON’T get wet! In this activity, test your speed and agility while racing to empty a full cup of water!

Water in a bucket

What You Need

  • A bucket or a plastic cup for each team
  • Two buckets filled with water
  • Two empty bins
  • Players: at least two players are preferable
    • If you don’t have anyone to play against, get a stopwatch and race against the clock. See how fast you can empty your own bucket.

What To Do

  1. Split into two even teams and make a line.
  2. Fill a big bucket of water and place it at the front of each line.
  3. Place another empty bin or bucket 10 yards away from each line.
  4. Each team starts with an empty cup or bucket.
  5. When you hear, “GO!”  fill your empty cup from the bucket of water in the front of your line.
  6. When your cup/bucket is full, run to the other side of the playing area and dump the water from your cup/bucket into the empty bin. Be careful, you don’t want to spill your water!
  7. After dumping out your water, race back to your line and give the next person in line the cup or bucket, and then it’s their turn.
  8. Once everyone on your team has gone, whoever has the most water in their bin, wins! (If you are playing with two people, you can race to see who fills up their empty bin first).